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"Ron is a true stand-out, one of the best people I've worked with.

He was instrumental in getting Imprint off the ground: he make wise decisions about the app's tech stack and architecture, recruited an incredible team of engineers, created processes that were efficient for all, and brought seasoned, thoughtful insights as we navigated crucial product decisions together at every turn.

Most importantly, Ron brings deep integrity, commitment, and a playful light-heartedness to everything he does. He's as beloved for these things as he is respected for being such an exceptional engineer and engineering leader.

I look forward to working with Ron again on future projects, and give him the highest recommendation to others in the meantime."

Kate Frucher

CEO at Imprint

"While we were creating the Greenprint Project tool and preparing to pair it with the "Beyoncé and JAY-Z Tickets for Life" sweepstakes, we ran across a few issues on the tech side...

We needed clarity on pledge vs sign-up, overall UX, in addition to figuring out where we could host it all that would handle super high traffic demands on the fly. Budget is always an important factor but most often is met with some kind of sacrifice.

With Ron, we were able to figure out all the tech stuff, UX, elevate the overall experience, hosting and meet budget, all without sacrificing the experience!! It doesn't end there, Ron is as nice as they come!! Always happy to help by answering any questions and providing clarity. He's truly one-of-a-kind!! Thank you Ron!!!!"

Marco Borges

CEO at 22 Days Nutrition and NY Times Best-Selling Author of The Greenprint

"Ron lead the transition from waterfall to Agile despite considerable organizational resistance.

His leadership style put everyone at ease and allowed the team to excel, even while providing much-needed leadership.

Haim Arazy

Managing Partner at Arazy Business Solutions

"Ron was a pleasure to work with. He was able to deliver new game changing technology!"

Charles Bitter

Principal Engineer - Comcast Automation Team

"The architectural blueprint he helped us create allowed us to later scale up the implementation work, which has in turn led to a truly agile process of just one week sprints.

Ron also shared with us the entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to be constantly learning and improving. It's been some time since our early days and I would love to have an opportunity to work with him again

Shinichi Urano, PHD

Chief Scientist at Kubisys

"Ron is excellent. He has the ability to pick up new technologies quickly, architect solutions, problem solve, and mentor junior resources."

Bryan Salerno

Associate Director @ Verizon Wireless

"Upon learning about Ron’s background at both Verizon and The Huffington Post, we asked him to create a unique app for The League of Humane Voters.

He did an excellent and speedy job. Best of all, there were no surprises as he checked in with us at every step. We were extremely pleased.

Anne Muller

Outreach Coordinator @League of Humane Voters

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